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Kentucky family law: Is mediation right for you?

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method where all involved parties come together to talk over the issue at hand -- such as divorce or child custody problems, among others. The mediator oversees the mediation process.  All parties, their attorneys, and the mediator will be present during the session. A mediator is a neutral party who does not represent either side. 

Spinal injuries from car crashes could leave you unable to work

No one wants to get into a car crash, but the risk is always present on the road. In some collisions, people walk away with minor to moderate injuries. Bruises, muscle strains and even broken bones may heal fully over time, leaving those injured able to resume their lives. Other injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents can leave people unable to work, sometimes permanently.

One kind of injury to be aware of after a collision is a brain injury. Signs of brain injuries can take days to develop, but these conditions can have a lasting impact on someone's life. Similarly, spinal cord injuries can cause severe, often permanently disabling conditions. Those who suffer spinal cord injuries in car crashes may find themselves unable to return to work.

Bankruptcy may help you walk away from debt

When the mortgage, car payment, medical bills and other living expenses leave a person with too much debt at the end of the month this can lead to creditors calling to collect. This is where bankruptcy may be able to help numerous Kentucky residents.

When a person can no longer pay his or her bills, there may not be any immediate consequences. Creditors usually give wait two-three months before they really take action -- such as calling to collect or reporting the lack of payments, which would lower one's credit score.

Car accidents resulting from speeding often have fatal outcomes

Kentucky drivers may often see people speeding on highways, in residential areas, on country roads and everywhere in-between. While a lot of people do it, it does not make it right and car accidents are more likely to happen because of it. When collisions do happen as a result of a speeding driver, they often have fatal outcomes.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2016, over 10,000 people across the country were killed in speeding-related auto accidents. This means that, in that same year, 27 percent of traffic fatalities were the result of people driving too fast. Spreading it out over a national level it may not seem like too many, but one life lost because of this negligent act is too much. 

Self-driving cars and car accidents, who is to blame?

Attorneys across the country are talking about a recent car accident that killed a woman. Why is this one incident out of all the car accidents that happen every single day so different and so important? It is because a self-driving car was involved. As these vehicles are likely to be a regular fixture on roads in Kentucky and elsewhere, figuring out how victims or their loved one's can seek relief is a must.

On March 18, a self-driving Uber hit and killed a pedestrian in another state. The victim -- a 49-year-old woman -- was in the process of walking her bicycle across a four-lane road. She was not in a crosswalk. The SUV was traveling at 40 mph when it hit the victim. Sadly, she died at the scene of the crash.

What do I need to know about filing for bankruptcy?

Getting court-ordered debt relief is the worst thing a person can do for their credit. It will only make things worse. Seeking a debt modification of sorts is the better route. These are all things individuals touting certain debt relief strategies would have people believe. The simple truth is, for those who are really far in debt, bankruptcy may be the best option, but there are a few things about it that Kentucky residents should know before taking the plunge.

Bankruptcy is for those who really cannot afford to pay back their creditors, either at all or with their current payment schedules. For those with little to no income, Chapter 7 bankruptcy -- if court approved -- will allow for the discharging of certain debts. For those individuals with income deemed high enough to pay debts just stretched too far, a Chapter 13 -- if approved in court -- will result in one achieving an affordable payment schedule to pay off or pay most of his or her debts.

People can still end up in jail for marijuana in Kentucky

People's attitudes about marijuana have shifted dramatically in the last two decades. More people than ever before believe that states (or the federal government) should regulate and tax this drug like alcohol. However, just because there is public support doesn't mean that state policy updates as quickly as personal opinion. Marijuana use, possession and sales are all still illegal in Kentucky.

Law enforcement and courts will still aggressively prosecute those accused of marijuana offenses. While you may think that a possession charge is a minor issue, the police will not agree with you. You could end up in jail for minor marijuana offenses. Before you choose to purchase or use marijuana in Kentucky, you need to know the potential legal consequences and punishments.

Kentucky family law: Figuring out parenting time in divorce

Going through a divorce is difficult. Going through a divorce when children are involved is usually even more challenging. Parents often struggle to agree on the parenting time issue. Here is what Kentucky family law has to say on the matter.

There are a couple of custody or parenting time options available to Kentucky parents. The court will look at a number of factors to determine if visitation is deemed appropriate.

Charged with a drug crime? Your criminal defense matters

Have you found yourself accused of committing a drug crime and are now facing charges? How you handle your criminal defense matters.

Whatever drug crime you stand accused of -- whether it involves possession, sales, trafficking or anything else -- the consequences for a conviction can be pretty severe, often involving jail time and hefty fines. Every drug crime case is different. How you approach it, is crucial.

Kentucky car accidents: Figuring out who is at fault

Numerous Kentucky residents are injured in auto accidents every year. Those who are injured are often left wondering how fault is determined and if they are able to seek compensation for their losses. Figuring out liability in regard to car accidents is not always cut-and-dry.

There are several different levels of fault, according to common law. Assigning fault in accidents that are the result of recklessness or intentional actions is usually quite simple. It is an accident that results from negligent actions that makes assigning fault more difficult, as negligence is not always easy to prove.

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