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A family law matter does not have to turn into a criminal one

Disputes over child custody happen every day. Parents often disagree about who should have access to their children and when. In some cases, police involvement can become necessary. In others, though, Kentucky residents can turn to a family law attorney for assistance in finding a solution to the problem.

Recently, a woman in another state found out the hard way that how a custody dispute is handled really does matter. This individual reportedly lied to police about her ex taking their child out of state without permission. Her goal was to get him in trouble and arrested. This backfired, though, and she is the one who ended up being charged with a crime.

Kentucky criminal defense: types of criminal charges

In Kentucky and elsewhere, crimes are grouped into three specific categories: citations, misdemeanors and felonies. Citations are the least severe of the three, and felonies are the most serious, leaving misdemeanors in the middle. How does the state determine at which level a person will be charged? How can a criminal defense attorney help one who is facing criminal charges?

Every state has a list of crimes with information regarding how they are to be charged and their potential penalties. Before a person is charged, the state will have to look at the details of the alleged crime. When it comes to relatively minor crimes -- such as certain traffic violations -- Kentucky residents may just be looking at citations. With citations, one may not have to go to court, there is no jail time, and one generally just has to pay a fee. However, those who wish to go to court in order to fight citations may do so.

When a bankruptcy repayment plan is not affordable

When a Chapter 13 repayment plan is created, the amount owed monthly is determined by a person's income at the time of plan approval. These repayment plans are good for three to five years. A lot can happen during that time.  What do you do when the repayment plan is no longer affordable?

What is shared parenting in Kentucky?

Previously under Kentucky law, children were often put in situations where parents were fighting over who would get the most time with the child in temporary custody agreements. Now Kentucky has moved toward a sharing parenting model when it comes to setting child custody arrangements.

The Kentucky legislature unanimously passed House Bill 492 earlier this year, which Governor Matt Bevin signed into law and went into effect on July 1. The new law amends KRS 403.280, allowing a court to adopt a prior parental temporary custody agreement as the court’s temporary custody order.

Kentucky criminal defense: Woman facing charges after car crash

A Kentucky woman has been arrested for her alleged involvement in a car accident that left another woman dead. Authorities do believe impairment played a role in the collision. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help this individual fight the charges filed against her.

According to a recent news report, on Friday, Nov. 10, a woman was operating her vehicle near Shepherdsville when her car collided with another. A passenger in the impacted vehicle -- a 35-year-old woman -- died at the scene. Her 11-year-old son was transported to an area hospital simply as a precaution. He has since been released to family members.

2 suffer severe personal injury in head-on crash

According to a recent news article, two people in Kentucky were hospitalized following a head-on car crash. Both individuals are said to have suffered severe personal injury in the wreck. Police are still in the process of investigating this incident.

On Friday, Nov. 3, the driver of a small SUV was traveling westbound on U.S. 60 when she crossed over into oncoming traffic and hit a minivan in the eastbound lane. Two individuals were in the van -- a father and son, ages 75 and 52. Both men suffered life-threatening injuries and were transported to the medical center at the University of Kentucky. Their current conditions are unknown.

Distracted driving still dangerous. When will drivers change?

Distracted driving is a dangerous problem in Radcliff, Elizabethtown and throughout Kentucky. Safety campaigns continue to raise awareness to the dangers of using a cellphone while driving and other distractions behind the wheel. Unfortunately, distracted driving continues to cause serious and fatal car accidents across the country.

Study finds that all drivers are to blame for distracted driving

Kentucky family law: What is a legal separation?

Not all marriages work out, but it does not mean that every couple is ready to pull the plug completely and file for divorce. For those in Kentucky who are in this position, legal separation may be the answer. This is something with which a family law attorney can help.

What is a legal separation exactly? Legal separation is basically a divorce without the divorce. It is formal and requires court approval. It creates legally binding agreements regarding property division, child custody and financial support. It does all this but allows a couple to stay married.

Is bankruptcy the answer when buried in credit card debt?

Debt: it seems to be something that most people in Kentucky and elsewhere just cannot escape these days. While some can find ways to pay it off in a relatively swift manner, others may struggle with it for years. This is particularly true with credit card debt. For those who are really in a monetary tight spot, bankruptcy may be the answer. 

How bad is the credit card debt crisis? A quarter of Americans are said to have unpaid balances right now. Approximately 43 percent of these individuals have carried these balances for two years or more. With interest rates that average between 16 and 24 percent, carrying balances for any period of time can quickly add to the amount one is required to pay back. It may seem like an impossible task after a while when all one can afford is the minimum monthly payment.

What to do after car accidents?

Kentucky residents who have been in auto collisions know that, after the fact, everything can seem like one big blur. It is an emotionally charged thing to experience, and some may forget what they are supposed to do. Following car accidents, there are certain steps that both parties should take if they are physically well enough to do so. In cases of severe accidents, some of these things just may not be possible.

Everyone knows that, after a car accident occurs, it is important to remain at the scene. For victims, this is generally easy enough, as they will want to wait for help to arrive. However, some individuals who are responsible for collisions sometimes fail to stick around, which only hurts them in the long run.

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