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Fatal Kentucky Car Accidents

Just before Christmas, a mother was driving herself and her daughter on Kentucky Route 185 when their car was hit by another vehicle that crossed into their lane. Apparently the location of this wreck is a well-known location for car accidents. Everyone hopes that when such an incident occurs all parties involved will walk away free from harm. Sadly, that did not happen in this case. 

According to a news report, the afternoon of Dec. 18, the mother and daughter pair were heading northbound on Route 185 when, at the top of a hill, a southbound automobile swerved into their vehicle. The mother, who was eight months pregnant at the time, went into labor and was rushed to the hospital to have an emergency C-section -- mother and baby are both well. Her 2-year-old daughter suffered critical injuries and was also rushed to a medical facility. Sadly, she died four days later.

Creating a parenting plan doesn't have to be a complex ordeal

A parenting plan is an important document in the child custody process. This document outlines everything that you and your ex have agreed upon during the child custody mediation process.

Having to come up with a parenting plan might seem like a daunting undertaking, but it really doesn't have to be. You should think of this plan as your road map for how all custody matters will be handled in the future.

When family law doesn't seem to serve the family

A soldier currently deployed in Afghanistan is fighting to regain custody of his oldest child. He has been primary custody holder for nine years, but for reasons unknown a judge granted temporary custody to the boy's biological mother. Kentucky residents who are also military services members may be interested in following this family law story. This particular custody dispute is happening in another state, but the issue is one that other service members have had.

While serving 12,000 miles from home, a sergeant in the Army National Guard got a call saying that his 11-year-old son has been removed from his home and is now living with his ex-wife. This is the first time in nine years that his ex has had primary custody, according to the father. His son had been living with him and his current wife full time.

What is an ignition interlock device?

Drivers who are convicted of a DUI in Kentucky are sometimes subject to having an ignition interlock device installed in their vehicle. Other times, these devices allow drivers to return to the road after having driving privileges revoked from a previous conviction. But what exactly is an ignition interlock device, and how does it work?

An ignition interlock device requires a driver to blow into it before hitting the road and keeps a vehicle from starting if the person’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level exceeds 0.02.

Does the average American qualify for bankruptcy?

Many people in Kentucky and across the country have debt. It almost seems an expected part of life anymore. Does this mean that the average American qualifies for bankruptcy?

Whether one qualifies for bankruptcy is not just about debt. It has to do with his or her income level as well. A recent report broke down what kind of the debt most households have and how much. It did not specify a median income level.

Following car accidents, settlements may be reached out of court

The thought of going to court to seek compensation for losses suffered in a car accident can seem rather daunting. No one really wants to go though all that. Thankfully, Kentucky residents who have sustained damages in car accidents may not have to.

It is possible to settle car accident claims without going to court. In fact, most accident claims are settled through out-of-court negotiations. Auto insurance companies do their best to settle collision claims before litigation is considered. They do this because it is cheaper for them in the long run, as they often get away with offering victims far less than they deserve. Without legal help, many victims accept these offerings.

Expenses from car crashes could leave you in financial trouble

You've got a job with health insurance, and you carry insurance on your motor vehicle. You may assume that if you get into a serious collision while on the road that you don't have to worry about finances. You call first responders and notify your insurance company, just like you should, so you believe you will receive the coverage you need. In reality, any crash with serious injuries could prove life-altering and leave you with substantial debt after the fact.

In situations where the other driver caused the crash, it's easy to assume that there will be insurance to cover your losses. Sadly, that isn't always the case. Some drivers may not carry adequate insurance or may choose to drive without any insurance on the vehicle at all. Other times, your insurance could end up offering you a settlement that's well below what your injuries have cost. You should familiarize yourself with the financial impact of collisions to better protect yourself.

Relief for losses suffered in weather-related car accidents

Weather is so unpredictable. It can catch Kentucky residents off guard and make driving far more difficult that usual. While it is impossible to control mother nature, it is possible to control what one does behind the wheel of a car in order to help prevent car accidents from occurring. Those drivers who are negligent in their actions during periods of bad weather may be responsible for any resulting damages.

Recently, the Lexington area, as well as other areas in central Kentucky, were hit pretty hard with snow and ice. Numerous car accidents were reported. Thankfully, only minor injuries were reported.

A family law matter does not have to turn into a criminal one

Disputes over child custody happen every day. Parents often disagree about who should have access to their children and when. In some cases, police involvement can become necessary. In others, though, Kentucky residents can turn to a family law attorney for assistance in finding a solution to the problem.

Recently, a woman in another state found out the hard way that how a custody dispute is handled really does matter. This individual reportedly lied to police about her ex taking their child out of state without permission. Her goal was to get him in trouble and arrested. This backfired, though, and she is the one who ended up being charged with a crime.

Kentucky criminal defense: types of criminal charges

In Kentucky and elsewhere, crimes are grouped into three specific categories: citations, misdemeanors and felonies. Citations are the least severe of the three, and felonies are the most serious, leaving misdemeanors in the middle. How does the state determine at which level a person will be charged? How can a criminal defense attorney help one who is facing criminal charges?

Every state has a list of crimes with information regarding how they are to be charged and their potential penalties. Before a person is charged, the state will have to look at the details of the alleged crime. When it comes to relatively minor crimes -- such as certain traffic violations -- Kentucky residents may just be looking at citations. With citations, one may not have to go to court, there is no jail time, and one generally just has to pay a fee. However, those who wish to go to court in order to fight citations may do so.

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