A Family Law Matter Does Not Have To Turn Into A Criminal One

Disputes over child custody happen every day. Parents often disagree about who should have access to their children and when. In some cases, police involvement can become necessary. In others, though, Kentucky residents can turn to a family law attorney for assistance in finding a solution to the problem.

Recently, a woman in another state found out the hard way that how a custody dispute is handled really does matter. This individual reportedly lied to police about her ex taking their child out of state without permission. Her goal was to get him in trouble and arrested. This backfired, though, and she is the one who ended up being charged with a crime.

According to reports, the woman was charged with lying to the police. She was booked into jail and her criminal case is now pending. Not only will this put a strain on her record, but it will also have an effect on her rights to have access to her child.

The child custody issue is a delicate one. Sometimes, parents may feel alone in their fight to gain time with their children but this is not the case. Parents in Kentucky who are dealing with child custody disputes can seek help in order to resolve the issue. A family law attorney will have the ability to review one’s case and, if necessary, assist the client in pursuing any desired modifications to a current custody order. While there are no guarantees that a Judge will agree to the requested changes, it is better to seek permission in court rather than potentially face criminal charges by trying to resolve the matter on one’s own.

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