Relief For Losses Suffered In Weather-Related Car Accidents

Weather is so unpredictable. It can catch Kentucky residents off guard and make driving far more difficult than usual. While it is impossible to control mother nature, it is possible to control what one does behind the wheel of a car in order to help prevent car accidents from occurring. Those drivers who are negligent in their actions during periods of bad weather may be responsible for any resulting damages.

Recently, the Lexington area, as well as other areas in central Kentucky, were hit pretty hard with snow and ice. Numerous car accidents were reported. Thankfully, only minor injuries were reported.

Interstates 64 and 75, in a couple of locations, had to be shut down for some time in order to clean up crews to clear accidents. This caused backups and delays for numerous travelers. Authorities asked for drivers to slow down, as speed is believed a contributing factor in the many accidents that occurred.

Kentucky residents who have suffered injuries or lost loved ones in weather-related car accidents may not feel that there is anything they can do to recover their losses. This may not be true. Under the right circumstances, it may be possible to achieve relief by pursuing civil claims against those believed responsible for any damages sustained. Personal injury, wrongful death, and any other claims applicable to one’s case may be filed in civil court. If negligence can be successfully established against the party deemed responsible, the court may award a monetary judgment for any and all documented damages that are legally recoverable.

Source:, “Crashes Reported Across Central Kentucky Amid Winter Weather“, Dec. 9, 2017