Car Accidents Resulting From Speeding Often Have Fatal Outcomes

Kentucky drivers may often see people speeding on highways, in residential areas, on country roads and everywhere in-between. While a lot of people do it, it does not make it right and car accidents are more likely to happen because of it. When collisions do happen as a result of a speeding driver, they often have fatal outcomes.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2016, over 10,000 people across the country were killed in speeding-related auto accidents. This means that, in that same year, 27 percent of traffic fatalities were the result of people driving too fast. Spreading it out over a national level it may not seem like too many, but one life lost because of this negligent act is too much.

Speed limits are in place for a reason. Unfortunately, too many people feel that these limits do not apply to them or they are in a rush and their needs supersede the safety of those around them. No one thinks that driving too fast will actually cause harm to anyone else, but the truth of the matter is:

  • Drivers who go above the speed limit are more likely to lose control of their cars.
  • Safety equipment is more likely to fail at higher speeds.
  • Stopping distance is increased at higher speeds.
  • Severe injuries or fatality or more likely to result from speed-related accidents.

Kentucky residents who have been injured or lost loved ones in car accidents caused by speeding drivers may have legal recourse. Personal injury, wrongful death, or other applicable claims may be filed in civil court in an effort for victims or surviving family members to seek compensation for their losses. If litigation proves successful, monetary judgments may be awarded.

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