Kentucky Family Law: Is Mediation Right For You?

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method where all involved parties come together to talk over the issue at hand — such as divorce or child custody problems, among others. The mediator oversees the mediation process.  All parties, their attorneys, and the mediator will be present during the session. A mediator is a neutral party who does not represent either side.

Why consider mediation? In the long run, it can offer privacy, cost less than going to court and can allow all parties to have a say in the matter. This process can work regardless of how complex the issues are if all parties are willing to put in the work and negotiate. The court in general requires mediation prior to a hearing and legal counsel can give guidance and direction on whether mediation is really a good fit for one’s particular circumstances.

There are a lot of benefits to mediation for family law matters. At the end of the day, every case is different, and it may work for some but not for others. With the assistance of an experienced attorney, Kentucky residents who are dealing with a family matter that has legal consequences may resolve the issue in the way that will best suit their interests — whether that be mediation or litigation.

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