Kentucky Car Accidents: 2 Killed, 7 Injured In Recent Crash

A multi-vehicle wreck on Interstate 24 in Kentucky resulted in two people losing their lives and seven other individuals suffering injuries. This incident occurred on the morning of Monday, Feb. 5 in Christian County. If car accidents like this are thought to be the result of negligent actions, those negatively affected may have legal recourse.

According to reports, a state police officer was investigating an accident without injuries that had occurred in the westbound lanes of the Interstate, causing traffic to back up for nearly a mile. A 39-year-old truck driver had failed to stop his tractor-trailer in time as he came upon the stopped traffic and slammed into a Ford pickup with three occupants inside.  The crash resulted in two deaths and non-life-threatening injuries to the third occupant.

After hitting the pickup, the tractor-trailer hit several other vehicles and caused a chain reaction crash. A total of six other individuals were injured in the wreck. All are expected to survive.

Multiple agencies are said to have helped at the accident scene, and major delays were experienced. Police are still in the process of investigating this incident. They have yet to state whether any charges are pending against the driver deemed responsible for the collision.

Kentucky residents or visitors to the state, who suffer injuries or lose loved ones in car accidents, may not know where to turn or what their options are for seeking compensation for their losses. The simple truth of the matter is, they may do so by filing civil claims against all those believed responsible for their losses if negligence contributed to the event. Proving negligence is not always easy, though. With the assistance of legal counsel, building a case against the responsible parties may be possible. In those cases where negligence is successfully established, monetary judgments may be granted.

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