Fatal Kentucky Car Accidents

Just before Christmas, a mother was driving herself and her daughter on Kentucky Route 185 when their car was hit by another vehicle that crossed into their lane. Apparently, the location of this wreck is a well-known location for car accidents. Everyone hopes that when such an incident occurs all parties involved will walk away free from harm. Sadly, that did not happen in this case.

According to a news report, the afternoon of Dec. 18, the mother and daughter pair were heading northbound on Route 185 when, at the top of a hill, a southbound automobile swerved into their vehicle. The mother, who was eight months pregnant at the time, went into labor and was rushed to the hospital to have an emergency C-section — mother and baby are both well. Her 2-year-old daughter suffered critical injuries and was also rushed to a medical facility. Sadly, she died four days later.

Witnesses to the collision say the man responsible was speeding. Rain and wind are also believed contributing factors in this case. Authorities have not indicated if the driver responsible for the crash is facing any criminal charges.

Numerous children in Kentucky and across the country die in car accidents every year. It is truly tragic. In this case, the injured victim may pursue damages for losses she has suffered as a result of this event, including the loss of her child. In order for personal injury and wrongful death cases to be successful, it will be necessary to establish that the driver thought responsible was negligent in his or her actions. If this can be done, the court may award the surviving victim and her family a monetary judgment for any and all losses legally recoverable.

Source: wbko.com, “Local family deals with life and death after accident on KY 185,” Kelly Dean, Dec. 28, 2017