Kentucky Personal Injury: The SUV Impact

It is impossible to go anywhere in the country, Kentucky included, and not see sport utility vehicles. Some people need them for their family size, others like them for recreation or work, and there are those who just like their design. The SUV craze is not likely to go away anytime soon — if ever. While there is nothing wrong with that, SUV impact on pedestrian safety is not something that can be ignored. Numerous individuals have suffered a personal injury or even the loss of life in auto-pedestrian accidents involving SUVs.

A recent article was released about the SUV impact on pedestrian safety. It notes that pedestrian deaths have increased roughly 46 percent since the year 2009. The authors of this report say that SUV usage is to blame. What is it about SUVs that is contributing to pedestrian deaths?

According to a research team at the University of Michigan, the reason pedestrians are more likely to suffer critical or fatal injuries when hit by SUVs is their height and design. When struck by a smaller passenger car, the lower extremities will take the initial blow. When struck by a sports utility vehicle, the initial impact is to the chest and abdomen — in other words, where the vital organs are located.

Kentucky residents who have suffered a personal injury or lost a loved one who was struck by an SUV may be entitled to compensation. With the assistance of legal counsel, personal injury or wrongful death claims may be filed in civil court against the driver believed responsible. If it is possible to establish negligence to the court’s satisfaction, monetary damages for all recoverable losses may be awarded.