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DUI? What to expect in Kentucky

You had a little too much to drink when you went out with your friends, so you decided to wait for a few hours before driving home. Once you felt more like yourself, you got behind the wheel and started on your way home.

What is an ignition interlock device?

Drivers who are convicted of a DUI in Kentucky are sometimes subject to having an ignition interlock device installed in their vehicle. Other times, these devices allow drivers to return to the road after having driving privileges revoked from a previous conviction. But what exactly is an ignition interlock device, and how does it work?

Expenses from car crashes could leave you in financial trouble

You've got a job with health insurance, and you carry insurance on your motor vehicle. You may assume that if you get into a serious collision while on the road that you don't have to worry about finances. You call first responders and notify your insurance company, just like you should, so you believe you will receive the coverage you need. In reality, any crash with serious injuries could prove life-altering and leave you with substantial debt after the fact.

What is shared parenting in Kentucky?

Previously under Kentucky law, children were often put in situations where parents were fighting over who would get the most time with the child in temporary custody agreements. Now Kentucky has moved toward a sharing parenting model when it comes to setting child custody arrangements.

Distracted driving still dangerous. When will drivers change?

Distracted driving is a dangerous problem in Radcliff, Elizabethtown and throughout Kentucky. Safety campaigns continue to raise awareness to the dangers of using a cellphone while driving and other distractions behind the wheel. Unfortunately, distracted driving continues to cause serious and fatal car accidents across the country.

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