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Kentucky car accidents: 2 killed, 7 injured in recent crash

A multi-vehicle wreck on Interstate 24 in Kentucky resulted in two people losing their lives and seven other individuals suffering injuries. This incident occurred on the morning of Monday, Feb. 5 in Christian County. If car accidents like this are thought to be the result of negligent actions, those negatively affected may have legal recourse.

Kentucky car accidents: 1 injured in recent crash

Police in Kentucky are still in the process of investigating an accident that left the driver responsible dead and another man injured. This incident is said to have occurred in the Independence area at the end of January. When those responsible for car accidents fail to survive, victims may feel they have no way to seek compensation for their losses. This may not be true, however.

Fatal Kentucky Car Accidents

Just before Christmas, a mother was driving herself and her daughter on Kentucky Route 185 when their car was hit by another vehicle that crossed into their lane. Apparently the location of this wreck is a well-known location for car accidents. Everyone hopes that when such an incident occurs all parties involved will walk away free from harm. Sadly, that did not happen in this case. 

Following car accidents, settlements may be reached out of court

The thought of going to court to seek compensation for losses suffered in a car accident can seem rather daunting. No one really wants to go though all that. Thankfully, Kentucky residents who have sustained damages in car accidents may not have to.

Relief for losses suffered in weather-related car accidents

Weather is so unpredictable. It can catch Kentucky residents off guard and make driving far more difficult that usual. While it is impossible to control mother nature, it is possible to control what one does behind the wheel of a car in order to help prevent car accidents from occurring. Those drivers who are negligent in their actions during periods of bad weather may be responsible for any resulting damages.

What to do after car accidents?

Kentucky residents who have been in auto collisions know that, after the fact, everything can seem like one big blur. It is an emotionally charged thing to experience, and some may forget what they are supposed to do. Following car accidents, there are certain steps that both parties should take if they are physically well enough to do so. In cases of severe accidents, some of these things just may not be possible.

Danger ahead: Distracted drivers

Everyone who has driven the streets of Radcliff knows that it's a problem. You know it just as well if you have driven on Interstate 65 or the Wendell H. Ford Western Kentucky Parkway. Distracted driving is a growing danger, and when your vehicle and others are moving at high speeds, the risks of a car accident that causes injuries or fatalities is even greater.

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