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Defending Against DUI Charges

DUI charges can result in serious consequences that affect the rest of your life. Our attorneys at Musselwhite, Meinhart & Staples provide aggressive defense representation to protect your future. Our lawyers provide a strong defense against DUI charges for drivers in Radcliff, Elizabethtown and throughout north central Kentucky. You likely have a lot of questions after being charged with a DUI. Let us fight for your rights and protect your future.

Protect Your Rights

You have rights during a traffic stop. You should always be polite and answer the police officer’s questions. It is important to be careful with what you say to the police to protect yourself. This can include answering questions about how much you had to drink and where you are going. You do not have to answer these questions.

You have the right to refuse to take a breathalyzer, blood and/or urine test. However, Kentucky’s “implied consent” law states that drivers have consented to take these test(s) at the request of the police officer and refusal may result in a suspension of your driver’s license whether you are convicted of DUI or not. You have a right to talk to an attorney before deciding whether to take the test.

Penalties For DUI Offenses In Kentucky

The penalties for a DUI conviction vary based on whether the offense is aggravated and whether there have been previous DUI convictions during the preceding ten years. An aggravated offense most often arises from a breathalyzer reading or blood alcohol test of .15 or above.

Under Kentucky’s new law, drivers convicted of an aggravated DUI offense or a repeat offender maybe required to install an ignition interlock device at their expense. DUI enforcement is complex and inconsistent from one county to another. Minimum penalties include:

  • First DUI offense: 30 to 120 day license suspension, alcohol and drug education and fines and court costs.
  • First DUI aggravated offense: minimum jail service of 4 days, 30 to 120 day license suspension, alcohol and drug education, fines and court costs and ignition interlock device installed for six months if you wish to continue to drive during the suspension period.
  • Second DUI offense: minimum jail service of 7 days, 12 to 18 month license suspension, alcohol and drug education, fines and court costs and ignition interlock device installed for 12 months. Aggravation may double the minimum jail service.
  • Third DUI offense: minimum jail service of 30 days, doubled if the offense is aggravated, two to three year license suspension, alcohol and drug education, fines and court costs and ignition interlock device installed for 30 months.

Each County Attorney has different policies with respect to min sentences on multiple DUIs.Particularly with multiple offenses within a ten year period, most prosecutors will demand substantially greater jail time than the minimum penalties permit.

Penalties for DUI can vary substantially from one county to another and even from one prosecutor or Judge to another. An experienced local attorney can advise you as to the probable penalties imposed by the local jurisdiction.

Providing A Strong Defense. Contact Us For A Free Consultation.

We will advocate for you every step of the way. We will work hard to protect your rights, evaluate all evidence and explore all options to minimize the consequences on your life.

You will always know where your case stands and what we are doing to protect you. We will keep you informed about the status of your case and what you can expect. At every stage, we will defend you against all charges to help protect your future.

Our law firm is available 24/7 to answer your questions. We offer evening and Saturday appointments. To arrange a free consultation, please call 270-872-4537 or fill out our online contact form.

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